Six-on-Saturday – GrowVeg

9th January 2021.

Having spent a few fortunes buying plants for over thirty years, I added a subscription to Growveg last year. It turned out to be a very worthwhile investment, costing me nineteen euro. So here we go with a six-point review.

Six things, in the garden, on a Saturday. Can be anything. This week I’m on the laptop planning my vegetable garden for the year. In fact, I had created this plan last November and I just tweak it whenever I want. You may be wondering if it would be easier to use pen and paper. Each to their own, I say. Yes, I do use a notebook to make notes (of course), yet a plan that can be shaped, adapted or extended is worthwhile. This will help a lot.

I mapped out my vegetable beds in square foot sections and selected the vegetables I want. Miraculously, the next step brought me to an online ordering portal, and having selected the retailer of my choice, my order was processed pronto-like. That’s a thumbs up from me.

Another thumbs up is the built in weather forecast for my location. Sometimes inaccurate though. I find that the best indication of the weather and possibility of getting a few outdoors gardening hours is by looking at the sky. So, perhaps I’ll give it a thumb down after all.

This one is a bit dubious… It’s the estimated first and last frost days for my location. If I select vegetables whose growing conditions conflict with these dates, the laptop screen turns red, gets very hot and starts smoking. Admittedly, it’s a bit over the top, but might be useful at some point. In fact, I discovered that there are several vegetables that will grow away slowly right through the winter. Specifically, several varieties of lettuce are providing tasty lunches since way back in early November, and I’m thrilled also because there’s no bolting.

Here’s a thumbs down. The website provides a free journal, even if you choose not to subscribe to the planner. I could specify what I’ve done every day, and for the purposes of this article, you’ll see above that I’ve planted 36 dahlia seeds, when in fact I have not. I cannot see myself using this any longer. I have a notebook that follows me around the garden and most of what I need to record gets done when I remember to do it.

Also provided free are growing details for all vegetables. Thumbs up again. When combined with a subscription, the details (usually on the packet anyway) are at my fingertips.

I haven’t used this section yet. There are over 700 guides to everything. If I start reading, I’d never get anything done. Not sure yet if it’s thumb up or down.


For more accounts of New Year garden activity from near and far timpeall an domhan, tap this link to visit The Propagator’s blog or check out @cavershamjj on Twitter. You’ll find plenty writers linking their Six on Saturday garden selection in the comments section.

That’s my lot for this second Saturday in January. Slán go fóill.


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  1. That was a very interesting review. It will be good to hear how your vegetable growing goes when you are following the app. I don’t think the app will work for us here as we do not use the standard vegetable growing method. Ours is definitely a more haphazard layout!

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  2. That’s very interesting. I’ll look forward to seeing how you get on with that. I have tried a few different varieties of app and haven’t found one that I like yet – I find they suck up a lot of time entering data.

    But I am very open to the idea.

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  3. Hmm. Interesting. Funnily enough, I was rearranging a bookcase and found a rather pretty Gardening Journal I had completely forgotten about. I’m going to show it on next week’s Six-on-Saturday so I will let you look forward to that.

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  4. I wish I were more of a planner but I’m more of a grow lots of things and see if I’ve got room for them later kind of girl. That app does look good though.

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  5. Ha. I love a good plan and always make one and then go off and do my own thing usually because by the time I get to the allotment, I can’t remember which bed the seedlings should be in if I don’t take my phone. I do like to feel organised though particularly at this time of year. It’s either that or weed in the cold.

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  6. Wow, very organized this morning! That looks like something I would do, because I am way, way, way into organization! I have no room because I have a postage-stamp sized garden, all on a slope! I may try raised beds though, my neighbor put three up in his driveway this winter….I was waiting to see if the Home Owners Association sent their minions around and told him to take them down, but so far so good! So I may just do it too and really send the HOA over the moon! I did have an allotment one year up at the church. I grew so much stuff (and all at the same time) I didn’t spread things out over weeks, and I couldn’t keep up with all the lettuce and other stuff! And I was going up the hill daily with a wagon to pick it and then dropping off vegetables at peoples cottages on the way back down the hill! I even wrote a post about it! It was fun until it got way, way, way hot!

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