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Welcome to my garden journal.

There are three important elements of my gardening:

  • Grow: the garden needs a helping hand
  • Write: record for reading in my 80’s in order to keep my 60’s head in a good space.
  • Repeat: do it regularly.

Thus, my garden diary is called GrowWriteRepeat.

Ten little insights:

  • Writing is good for my head. When head is good so is everything, including some fast biking and slow gardening.
  • I sure hope they’ll give me iPad or tablet when I’m in the nursing home 2050 so I can look back on my gardening.
  • Irish language enthusiast.
  • Kindler & cyclist.
  • retired teacher & Crystal Palace fan.
  • slightly overweight.
  • husband, father and occasional hooverer.
  • I do love digital art, and embellishment of photographs is my thing.
  • I have occasional depression, managed very well by the bike and a shovel.
  • I love when folks respond to my writing, but it is primarily therapeutic.

Sometimes, I try to bring up some world issues in my writing. I do so as a way of clarifying my own moral compass. In other words, views are my own, but I’d be happy to think that writing has an influence on others.

Please say hello. I’m very likely to say hello back.

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2 thoughts on “About”

  1. AAAHH – The privilege – first comment goes to me, thanks!!👍
    Greeting, hi and ho! Thanks for following OMBH… I too fit the age grouping you belong to, I too like expressing my opinion… and, as I like reminding the young around me, the opinion is gained through suffering years of painful toil and trouble – thus I have earned the right to express said opinion.
    OH bugger.., I waffle… again!
    Stay safe… stay free – be happy!
    PS – I suffer the rugby knee malaise (results of once being young…) so, I don’t mount two-wheeled instruments of torture!😁

    Liked by 1 person

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