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Six-on-Saturday – Ambigram

I’ve been very envious of gardeners who’ve been showing their Hellebores for the past four or five weeks, while mine lay dormant.

This week was memorable for several reasons. On Tuesday we had Twosday, when all the 2’s aligned to bring world peace, personal nirvana and lotto prizes galore. Of course, Vladimir didn’t read the script so he surely will win nothing. He was never on my Christmas list, but if he had been, he’d be scratched quickly.

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I was moved to tears watching a short video clip from Ukraine. A mother and daughter were boarding a bus to safety but dad was required to stay to fight. He gave his daughter a cross to wear, not knowing if they would ever see one another again.

After the Stormy Trio, there were many days of wild wind this week. I chose to cycle three of them, and I was just so happy to get out. On the other hand, yesterday was a pet day and I pottered contentedly sa gháirdín. Here’s a short account of other activity this week…



At this time of the year the patio is mostly a no-man’s-land of pots everywhere, most of them looking very bedraggled. I had hoped to be powerwashing two weeks ago but it didn’t happen. I finally got it finished last week and I’m pleased with it. In the course of doing it, I needed to move every pot, bucket, trough and planter away. It’s no bad thing really, because when the job is finished, I start reassembling all the pots, buckets, troughs and planters differently. I discard anything that doesn’t bring joy, and I’ll shortly commence repotting. I’ll do a full SOS update next week.


Next week, I’ll make a start on the front driveway.

Another Job Done


A few weeks ago I mentioned that there was a mound of loose stone that needed to be washed. This job is now finished and the clean stone has been added to the Gravel Bed. Above, it looks as if I’ve been invaded by moles. Below, having been raked level, it looks better. I scattered fertiliser around the roses before adding the new stone.



Storms have been named here in Ireland since 2015. Last week, for the first time, we had three. I mentioned Dudley and Eunice last Saturday, and Franklin swept through on Sunday. Lots of wind and rain, but no damage. No cycling either. Eunice did leave its mark here as some rooftiles came loose, but nothing too serious. I had completed a quick check in the garden and hoped for the best. The following morning, my favourite coffee mug was nowhere to be seen. I searched high and low, anseo is ansiúd, and finally found it… outside! Washed clean as a whistle, and still upright.


I’ve been very envious of gardeners who’ve been showing their Hellebores for the past four or five weeks, while mine lay dormant. They are in a very sheltered corner of the garden and don’t get much sunlight. But nature will not be denied. They’re ready now.

Two other things. There are two ferns planted behind, but they’re barely alive. The spot just isn’t right for them. Also, when the tulips finished flowering last May, I hid them here, wondering would they come again for this year. At the moment they’re alive, and I’ll include an update in a few weeks. I’ll be interested to see if the flower quality will be as good as last year.


I’ve got plenty cabbages and kale that are strong and healthy. This corner will be eaten over the next few weeks to make way for lettuces, spinach and spring onions. I’ve planted everything here closer than would normally be recommended. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, the space is very small and secondly, closer planting keeps weeds at bay. A closer inspection will show that there are a few lettuce plants among them. No danger of frost damage because they’re wrapped closely on all sides.

It Lasted Well

Out front, the Christmas Wreath has lasted well, but now it’s time to consign it to the compost heap. I’ll salvage the baubles and glittery bits and do a reverse Marie Kondo. The terracotta pot needs a blast of the powerwasher to bring up the lovely colour once again.

My thoughts are with the people of Ukraine. It’s all very well for me to be waffling on about nice things in the garden, but there’ll be bloodshed and turmoil for millions of families over the coming weeks and months. Did anyone spot The Trump’s comment? “Genius move”, he says when the Russians entered eastern Ukraine as peacekeepers. Still looking for headlines amid tragedy.

That’s it for this week, a cháirde. Until next week, I hope that all will be well in your world. Slán go fóill.

What’s this Six-on-Saturday thingy? We are a group of gardeners who write. We write about six items in our gardens, and we do it on Saturdays. I love reading about and seeing other gardens from as far away as New Zealand, Tasmania, USA, Canada, Belgium, France, Britain and Waterford City. Many more choose to publish on Twitter and Instagram using the #sixonsaturday hashtag. You can find out more about it here.