Almost A Good Week

Thursday, 12th November 2020.

It has been a dry week, with the exception of one torrential downpour that passed our way on Tuesday night. The only trouble was that, as quoted by a cycling friend, it took nearly 24 hours to pass.

Saturday 7th

Bringing daffodils to my sister

Monday 9th

Dungarvan Bay

Tuesday 10th

Fuschia clear out on the rockery

Wednesday 11th

Indoor activities only

Thursday 12th

Geranium Vancouver in glasshouse


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Caught Between Two Minds

Tuesday, 27th October 2020.

Having to negotiate the ups and downs of my mind is regularly problematic. Now that my website is living as two separate entities, I’m caught between TWO minds. Do I continue here until such time as the NEW location is as I want it, and do I stay here afterwards?

I have some teething issues, one of which had been pointed out to me only today. It is this: What happens to the 124 subscribers to my website here? Does a subscription follow across to the transferred domain? How sensible would it be to keep both websites alive? I am torn, but the answer is… get out to the garden!

The Vegetable Bed and the Holding Bed are ready for winter. On the left, all my cuttings are safely tucked in under glass. On the right, I’ve got onions coming up slowly, plenty lettuce & scallions, and space to get the peas in very soon.

Both beds are cat-proofed.


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Happy Wife Policy

Thursday, 8th October 2020

Until I retired in 2013 I had lost interest in my garden. The love of gardening that was there 30 years ago vanished amid the stress of work.
Now, I’m back in full flow and loving the time I get to spend a few hours pottering. Some days I’ve got a plan in my head but most days it’s a case of seamlessly moving on to what I notice needs doing. Of course, there’s also a helluva lot more time to relax, have a coffee or take a nap.

In all this, my good (best) wife Marion leaves me to my own devices. She sees the satisfaction it brings me and likes what she sees. She did have two long-term requests: a water fountain and a Budda. So, in line with my Happy Wife Policy (Rule 1.1.2b), we added both during Covid-19 lockdown. We are happy together.

Link to the YouTube video.


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