Turn A Blind Eye

I’m waiting for Storm Eunice to arrive. Dudley passed over yesterday but he was only a minor issue.

I’m putting some pots into the glasshouse for shelter, I’m taking down the window boxes and I’m charging up all my devices.

Apart from some gardening precautions, I’m cheating at Wordle. I did mention a few weeks ago that it’s a game that didn’t interest me. It does now. Anyway, to make a long story short, I’ve discovered a loophole. This loophole still necessitates getting the answer right, but today I came very close to my first unsuccessful day.

With just one remaining attempt, I realised the word might be SHAME or perhaps SHAKE. The successful outcome was 50-50. I tried closing my browser and opening it again, only to find that I still had only one remaining attempt. I debated going from my phone to the laptop but I’m not that pushed about cheating! Nevertheless, I left the puzzle hanging.

Tiarella Pink Skyrocket

A few hours later, using my phone to find out about a Tiarella plant that I bought, the browser that I used was a different one. This time it was Firefox and curiosity got the better of me. I opened Wordle, only to find a blank canvas! Of course, I had the information from my earlier attempt so, and this is what happened…

Got it in three! I’m now wondering if the millions of people who share their results are genuine or cheaters. If I get the answer in five or six attempts, I guess that’s just about OK, but imagine if I get the answer in one or two, that’s a different story! Sin scéal eile. Imagine if I were to be seen to get it in two attempts every single day! Eyes would pop! I’d be in danger of losing the run of myself.

Enjoy your Wordle if it’s your thing.

The game has been bought by the New York Times. Yesterday, I read that changes are being made to the list of allowed words. In an attempt to fix the world of past wrongs the words WENCH, SLAVE and SHOOT are no longer acceptable. I’ll need to figure a way around this issue. Of course, there’s a possibility that this is fake news. Ochón.