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Six on Saturday – Probably The Best Success

Bird nests are overpriced, similar to Irish house prices, and there are several almost-worn-out boots within striking distance.

14th November 2020.

It’s been a very dangerous year and November is the most dangerous month. Since last March I’ve spent a small pension on my little gáirdín, and in the past week I’ve needed to have a man-to-man chat with myself. In the aftermath of several nights watching the US election coverage on Fox CNN I   overcame three urges. Firstly, I didn’t buy the tempting subscription to Kitchen Garden magazine. (*See Note 1). Secondly, I didn’t buy the Mega Spring Bulb Collection and finally, when shopping locally, I put back one of the plants on my wishlist. You see, I attempted to rein myself in by shopping without a trolley and there’s only so many that I could safely carry in two hands and under my oxter. There was a time when plastic pots were sufficiently durable to carry a circle of three in each hand, but times have changed. My first of this week’s Six is a twin purchase carried delicately in my left hand i mo lámh chlé.

Queen of Carpets

Evergreen & berried

Cotoneaster Queen of Carpets will be just what it says on the tin, and I shall decide very soon where to put them. In line with my Winter Policy, I bought two, the first because it is evergreen and the second because it has beautiful red berries dearga. (Linguistic note: in many languages, unlike English, the adjective comes after the noun.) The fact that both are evergreen and berried need not be emphasised.


I bought only one Sedum. It is evergreen but does not have winter berries. Again, I’ve yet to decide exactly where to put it. I know it will go on the Rockery Clé (see above, much further above) and I’ll give some further thought to its final position there.

Rosa Just Joey

Just Joey: the best success

Here’s the last flower for the year on my favourite scented rose. I’m including it to remind me of Joe’s election success. It will bloom again next year an bhliain seo chugainn. It’s a tremendous success. Tremendous. Probably the best success.


The Bird Boot

© Unknown

This is not my boot, nor my nesting site. I came across it while distracting myself from overnight CNN customer messages last week. “Customer messages” is such a lovely catchphrase, as opposed to advertisements. I noted i mo cheann that timber bird nests are overpriced, similar to Irish house prices, and also that there are several almost-worn-out boots within striking distance. I may ask for permission to use one, fully understanding that I would need to provide an artist’s sketch of the final product in order to be allowed proceed. I’m doing it for the birds. I’m torn about whether left or right would suit best. I would also need to confirm that I am daft.

Lest boot. Perfect planning

On a Plate

Birds need food, particularly in November. At the moment, there’s still enough for all of them. Many of the tiny tiny apples on the large tree have fallen. They are not being nibbled yet so I sometimes tidy them up and put them on a plate. Some birds prefer to eat at ground level, some from raised feeders and others directly from the supplier. All the bases are covered.

Úlla beaga

Winter Windows

This year, I’ve had to play smart. I’ll be using these window boxes for my annuals next summer an samhradh seo chugainn, so I planted pots of daffodils and small evergreens inside them for spring.  I’ll simply remove the pots when the time comes. That’s cliste.

A picture tells a lot

Three things you’ve probably already noted:

  • Timber bits under front of boxes
  • Homemade coffee table
  • There’s probably more than three. A picture tells a lot.

Finally, my first extended garden video. Sometimes a video tells more than a photo.

92 seconds of November 2020

Alternately, you may view it on YouTube, together with added notes. You may also subscribe to be notified of future updates. Presently there’s just one subscriber. That’d be me!

All other updates from the Prop Club will provide me with interesting reading again this week. You’re invited to read along. The entire collection will be listed in the comments section of Jon’s six this week.

Here’s a thought…

“A balanced inner calmness radiates from a peaceful centre. It neither craves others’ approval nor rejects others’ presence. It neither pulls towards nor pushes away. It has a reverent attitude towards life and all its inhabitants.” – Donna Goddard

I’d like to think that my garden and my writing about it does bring inner calmness. I hope you all (gardeners & readers) have a great week. Slán go fóill.

Note 1: I have located a free online digital version via Borrow Box at my local library. As yet, the Mega Spring Bulb Collection eludes me.


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