Six-on-Saturday -The Three Hairs

I’ve not seen a week like it since I was a young whippersnapper. Temperatures by the seaside here reached about 28°C, and stayed there for most of the week. Too hot for gardening, too hot for the bike and definitely too hot for shovelling snow!

I’m writing this at 11pm on Friday night. The expected rain has arrived, and it’s forecast to continue until 9pm Saturday. There will be bucketloads. The garden will soak it all in and shine brilliantly. Looks like rain on Sunday too! There will be no cycling, but I’m actually tempted to dress for some light gardening. It will be super refreshing to potter around in the rain.

Here’s another gentle reminder that I’m moving over to The Three Hairs to continue my blogging. There will be gardening, biking and other general articles with a strong focus on getting some inspiration to write my first book.

You may be wondering. I’d not be at all surprised. To be honest, that’s good! Might I suggest that you satisfy your curiosity by finding out why the blog is called The Three Hair? When you know, then you know. Your day will be changed utterly.

Begonias, Petunias, Penstemon and Ash berries

I’ll continue to speedread/skim/scan your wonderful Six-on-Saturday posts. I learn so much and have loads of fun along the way.

This GrowWriteRepeat blog will now be put into a time capsule. Nothing will be added or taken away. It shall remain locked, yet available for reading at all times. Meanwhile, the show goes on at The Three Hairs.

Also, @thethreehairs on Twitter.




Yes, it’s all sorted now. I knew it would. My garden blog(s), my bike blog and my write-a-book blog are now all together in one place.

I hope you’ll laugh with me… it’s called The Three Hairs. Many years ago, back as far as 1982, a wonderful class of 12-year-olds nicknamed me Baldylocks & The Three Hairs.

So, the long and short of it is…. I’ll now be blogging from The Three Hairs. In fact I’ve already started. The first piece I’ve added, called Memories of Glencree, delves deeper into the original Baldylocks story.

Many of you have liked my garden articles, so I just want to give you all a heads up. I’ve moved house from here to there.

Finally, as a gesture of appreciation, there will be some freebies for everyone who hops over there, follows or subscribes or elects to join my mailing list. As yet, I don’t know what’s on offer, but I’ll ponder deeply on the matter. I’ll be continuing to follow you all, and thus continue to have plenty enjoyment, fun, learning and appreciation of bloggers everywhere.

Have you ever in your right mind imagined that you’d even consider joining The Three Hairs Newsletter List? World is gone cracked!

For twitter users I can be reached @thethreehairs

For anyone with a WordPress account, you’ll find the new blog by searching for thethreehairs. Easy peasy.

Slán go fóill,