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Frosty One

A bit of light gardening to warm up on a frosty morning. Just the tonic.

After heavy overnight frost, today turned out to be a lovely day. There was bright sunshine all morning and no wind worth talking about, but very cold for gardening.

I ventured outside just after nine, but only to take a photograph, before quickly retreating inside again. Much later, I did return to finish a bit of pruning and tidy up the last of the leaves. I’m sure insects were cursing me!

This raised rockery was replanted in Autumn of 2020, consisting of…

  • Skimmia rubella
  • Camellia japonica Spring Festival and
  • Viburnum tinus Eve Price.

Likely, it’ll be another year or two before they begin to fill the space. There’s a second Camellia (Lady Campbell) behind the Viburnum, but it’s not in the ground. This will be planted in a large tub later this week.

What are you up to in the garden?

Monday, January 17th 2022.



Author: Páraig

Changing my mind, one thought at a time. When head is good so is everything, including some fast biking and slow gardening.

9 thoughts on “Frosty One”

    1. Glad you like them, Amelia. I certainly do like gardening at hip height as it’s easier on my back!
      90 minutes yesterday was plenty, then t was back inside t the heat. Very satisfying.


  1. My garden is covered in a few inches of snow, so I’m enjoying it from the comfort of my warm home. It’s fun spying the cardinals and blue jays as they fly around in the backyard winter wonderland–they don’t seem to mind the cold. I also enjoy watching the rabbits and squirrels frolicking in the snow. I’m not a fan of the damage they do, but it’s fun to watch them play during the quiet winter months.

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