Moving The Blog

Finally and at last, I’m ready to move my GrowWriteRepeat blog to a new location.

Here’s the link:

The regular Six-on-Saturday will be there as per usual. To date, there are 146 followers of my blog. Half of these are marketing blogs, a small percentage are very dubious, and the rest are genuine gardeners and other people interested in reading the blog.

I do hope that if you are a follower here, you’ll be interested in following me there also.

For users: there are two ways to follow my new blog.

1. Using the WordPress Reader, search for Select the Sites Tab and tap the follow button.

2. Using a browser, go to If you are not logged into your WP account, you’ll need to do so, then search as above. You will be presented with my old blog and new one. Follow the new one and unfollow the old if you wish.

I’m still working on options for non-WP users. Please bear with me.

With best wishes,



        1. It’s the nub of the matter, Eileen. My site is no longer hosted on It’s very flexible and user-friendly for WP users, but I’ve wanted to move away. I’ve made the break, so I’ll have to figure it out…. Otherwise, omg… It just won’t get figured out! 😁😁

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  1. Done, even the Follow button isn’t pointing in the right direction ( A WP widget that doesn’t work to me) . You have to copy/paste the new blog address into WP and subscribe. Ready for your new adventures !

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    1. Hi Amelia. If you’re using the WP Reader, search for
      Then, tap Sites tab and tap follow button. Could you please let me know if that works?


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