Bite My Lip

There are times when I’d want to scream!

The entire world is awash with everyone’s tuppence worth. It’s a sinister trap and I’m mostly happy to pass on by. Yes, I’ve been there and worn the t-shirt of shame. Yes, I’d feel like telling him and her and them all what I think. But then, I stop… and scream.

I do chuckle every now and then. It’s easier. Chuckling is reserved for poor spelling, lack of punctuation and incorrect choice of words. Nowadays, it’s very uncool to correct these little things. After all, we mostly do understand what’s being said. So, I chuckle to myself and move on. Truthfully, it’s more than very likely that I’ve been guilty of a grammatical or factual boo-boo or two.

My favourite chuckles are reserved for phrases that just don’t quite come out right. One such phrase this evening brought a smile and a chuckle!

“I’m going out on a whim here. I hope that you don’t mind me asking this… “

The lady proceeded to ask, but my mind was elsewhere. I’m not sure whether to deduct points from the usual douze, or award bonus marks?

I’m reminded of this very welcoming sign at a local garden centre…

I’m easily amused. Another way of putting it is that it’s hard to please me!


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      1. Forget the spelling/grammar etc. Just brightening here and thinking of visiting Lismore Castle Gardens – yes, the grass needs to be cut but….

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  1. Sometimes I’m sure that what appears on my page is NOT what I typed (that’s my excuse). For my course work/writing, I have set up MS Word to read my text back to me. It’s very useful, even though the voice is rather monotonous but I have a good chuckle myself when it has to read Welsh words 🙂

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