Clean Up

Monday, 19th July 2021.

When a job is finished, the clean-up must be done. It’s very unfortunate that it needed to be done in scorching heat. I think I’ve had enough water and orange juice to keep me hydrated for a week, but actually it’s just enough to replace lost fluids.

Here’s my journal entry for the day: “Scorching hot. I moved the old stone from driveway. Put it behind glasshouse and into a black bin. Stored the rest of it temporarily behind clothes line. Later, I put remainder of topsoil from the delivery into grey bin. Finally, I powerhosed most of the driveway using Jimmy’s machine that Méabh brought up from Wexford. Only thing left is to bring tiles to the dump. Joe is scheduled for 9am tomorrow. Bed at 9pm. I’m wrecked.”

I’d posted my Monday Motivation on Instagram before breakfast. It did help me to stick with it when I felt like giving up!


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    1. Joe is a cycling buddy with a van! All finished by 11am and driveway hosed down.Relaxing now in the shade. Let the summer commence!
      Verbena seeds itself beautifully in the loose stone.

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