Just Three Things

I thought it was wheat until my farm-raised wife upbraided me with a gentle “What would you know?”

My morning garden inspections continue. Most mornings I check it out just before 7am, while my boiled egg is boiling. Regular readers will know the story. I make a note of three things that catch my eye and take a photograph. In addition, I take mental stock of three tasks that need attending to, but without any deadline for completion.

1. Non-gardeners might regard the Chelsea Chop as some sort of post-lockdown haircut, but we know better. This Penstemon got it back in mid-May, which is the recommended CC month. It is in full bloom. Grown from seed last year, it’s doing very well in a good sunny spot, but will need some winter protection.

2. Here we have a general view looking down the garden, and in the immediate foreground is an ear of barley. I sowed a packet of mixed grasses back in mid-April, and there’s a fine selection of perhaps six different varieties including this. It’s likely the birds will feed off this when the time is right. Initially, I thought it was wheat until my farm-raised wife upbraided me with a gentle “What would you know?”

3. Cycling is very close to my heart. I love almost everything about it, including an occasional lung-busting time-trial, but cleaning my bike does not come easy to me.
I got fed up of taking this bike-stand from the shed and returning it once a week (well, more like once a month). Finally, I decided to leave it in situ and attempt to disguise it as a garden feature. I was going to hang a flower basket on it, but settled for bird-feeder. It’s another win-win situation.

Three things that need doing:

  • Wash my bike
  • Fill the bird-feeder
  • Go cycling

Link to last week’s Just Three Things.

Finally, some non-gardening stuff (just so I’ll be reminded of it when I read this again in 2030).


  • Mam got to the hairdresser for first time since March
  • Family Zooms continue
  • Lunch for 3 in Ormonde


  • Social spin last Wednesday and Saturday
  • 20km time-trial on Thursday. 37m44s
  • Booked entry to Tour de Beara in mid-September


  • 40% feel life will be better post-Covid
  • Extra €628 million spent on groceries during lockdown
  • Palace beaten 3-0 by Leicester

Thanks for reading & I hope you have a great week.


Monday, 6th July 2020.

Author: Páraig

Changing my mind, one thought at a time. When head is good so is everything, including some fast biking and slow gardening.

3 thoughts on “Just Three Things”

  1. When younger I enjoyed cycling but purely as a mode of transport and of seeing the countryside. My favourite cycling memory was the trip from the Conner Pass into Dingle, about five miles downhill, free-wheeling. After a run around Ventry, Dunquin and Ballyferriter I had to face the climb back up to the pass – I was staying in Castlegregory. When free-wheeling down from the pass I botched the bike on a rock on the road. Fortunately, I came off very gently, but decided the bike was beyond further use and left it there with a certain disgust – it had cost £5!

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    1. Lovely part of the country, Paddy! There’s only two kinds of cyclist: those that have fallen off and those who are going to fall off. You’re a real cyclist!

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